R & D Projects

The ASI’s research and development portfolio includes 34 excellent projects worth a total leveraged value of approximately $220 million. The projects are led by research institutions or industry and most involve a consortium of partners. Please see below table for the ASI’s active project portfolio. Fact sheets on projects in the ASI portfolio coming soon.


Active project portfolio

(Updated 24 January 2012)

adobe ASI active R&D portfolio



adobe Australian National University Foundation Project – Process and Characterisation Solar Research Facility

adobe CSIRO Foundation Project – Solar Thermal Research Hub


Round 1 Projects:

adobe BT Imaging – Inline inspection tools for photovoltaic manufacturing

adobe Silanna – A high efficiency, integrated solar module on a transparent substrate

adobe Australian National University – Plasmonics for high efficiency solar cells

adobe Australian National University – Next generation SLIVER solar cells

adobe The University of Newcastle – Fabrication of thermionic devices using directional solidification/sintering processes for high temperature CST applications

adobe CSIRO – Development of advanced solar thermal energy storage technologies for integration with energy-intensive industrial processes and electricity

adobe The University of Queensland – New materials and architectures for organic solar cells – beyond the Shockley-Queisser limit


Round 2 Projects

adobe The University of NSW – Tandem Quantum Dot solar cells

adobe The University of NSW – Split spectrum concentrating PV receiver: 40% efficient photovoltaic "Power Cube" tower receiver

adobe The University of NSW – Characterising and forecasting grid connected solar energy

adobe The University of NSW – The Hot Carrier solar cell

adobe Australian National University – Industry ready n-type silicon solar cells

adobe Graphite Energy – Commercialisation of the Graphite Energy solar storage receiver

adobe CSIRO – Characterising the effect of high-penetration solar intermittency on Australian electricity networks

adobe CSIRO – Development of a thermoelectric generator for application in a concentrated solar thermal topping cycle

adobe Australian National University – Roof-mounted hybrid CST system for distributed generation of heating, cooling and electricity

adobe The University of Melbourne – Printing solar cells: A manufacturing proposal for Australia

adobe CSIRO – Solar air turbine systems

adobe The University of Sydney – Upconversion of the solar spectrum for improved PV energy conversion


United States Australia Solar Energy Collaboration

adobe The University of NSW – Cost effective GaAsP top solar cell grown on a high performance, low cost silicon solar cell

adobe The University of NSW – Multi-junction c-Si solar cells based on virtual Ge substrates

adobe The University of NSW – Towards a practical Hot Carrier solar cell


Note additional fact sheets will be uploaded soon 


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