Research Advisory Committee

The ASI Board received advice on research priorities and the merits of funding applications from the Research Advisory Committee (RAC), led by Dr Bruce Godfrey.

The ASI Board extends its sincere thanks to the RAC for its critical role in shaping ASI’s research priorities and recommending projects of the highest calibre for investment.

This group was made up of Australian experts from the solar research and industrial communities, and supported by leading international solar experts. During the RAC’s lifetime, the following people contributed to the review process:

• Professor Andrew Blakers (AUS)
• Dr Paul Ebert (AUS)
• Professor Martin Green (AUS)
• Professor Andrew Holmes (AUS)
• Professor Graham Morrison (AUS)
• Mr Wes Stein (AUS)
• Dr Muriel Watt (AUS)
• Mr Griff Rose (AUS)
• Mr Andrew Pickering (AUS)
• Professor Phil Jennings (AUS)
• Dr Gerry Wilson (AUS)
• Dr Keith Lovegrove (AUS)
• Mr Peter Meurs (AUS)
• Dr Uli Wuerfel (GER)
• Dr Andreas Zimmermann (GER)
• Dr Markus Glatthaar (GER)
• Dr Martin Stickel (GER)
• Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Kretschmann (GER)
• Professor-Ing. Robert Pitz-Paal (GER)
• Dr Ellen Stechel (USA)
• Dr Tom Mancini (USA)
• Dr Ryne P. Raffaelle (USA)

More information about the expertise of the RAC can be found in previous editions of our Annual Report.