Australian Solar Institute – Positioning for Growth

The Australian Solar Institute (ASI) is a $150 million commitment by the Australian Government as part of the expanded $5 billion Clean Energy Initiative. The Institute aims to drive collaborative, focused research and development that will have a major impact on the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of solar technologies.   Following a successful first year of operation the ASI is now positioning for future growth.   Olivia Coldrey, in the role of Investment Director will be responsible for implementing the ASI’s strategic agenda in the key areas of RD&D investment and international engagement Eric Lemon, in the role of Company Secretary and Chief Financial Officer will be responsible for monitoring and evaluation of the ASI portfolio in addition to the ASI’s f


Australian-German partnership concentrates solar power capability Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research Senator Kim Carr signs R&D MoU with leading European research institute in Germany The potential of solar power as a baseload energy source received a boost today when the Australian Solar Institute (ASI) announced a research and development partnership with leading European solar research body, Deutches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) to develop concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies. ASI Executive Director Mark Twidell said, “The partnership provides Australian researchers with the opportunity to investigate cost and efficiency improvements in CSP alongside the other leaders in the field, the DLR institute.”   “By capitalising on


US Australia Solar Energy Collaboration (USASEC) The USASEC agreement was announced on 7 November 2010 by Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard and U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The USASEC initiative objective is to accelerate the reduction in costs of capturing solar energy through research collaboration. Since the announcement progress has been made in developing the program. A high-level steering committee, co-chaired by officials from the Australian Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (DRET) and the US Department of Energy (DOE), has been established to set overall priorities and research directions for USASEC. In addition to representatives from DRET and the DOE, steering committee membership includes representatives from the US National Labs and the A


ASI APPOINTS KNOWLEDGE MANAGER   The ASI is pleased to announce the appointment of Hayley Thomas to the new role of Knowledge Manager. Hayley has extensive experience working in a key advisory capacity for government in both media and policy. Most recently, Hayley was a senior advisor to the Hon Jodi McKay MP, with responsibility for managing the NSW Government’s Science and Medical Research portfolio.   Hayley will play a key role in the next stage of the ASI’s evolution. She will be responsible for developing a knowledge management platform to facilitate the ASI’s communication activities and in particular, disseminating the learnings from the R&D project and skills development portfolio and the Solar Flagships program.   The ASI retained the Hunter ba

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