Dental Implants at Lang Lang Dental Care

A large number of people have one or more missing teeth due to accidents or because they did not take proper care of their teeth when they were younger. This can adversely affect their appearance and health since they will not be able to eat a large number of foods properly. In some cases, dentures are used but they are not stable, making it difficult to chew and eat food. Hence many people are interested in getting dental implants. Lang Lang dental care is one of the more reputed dental care providers in Australia and many people would like to get more information on dental implants Lang Lang, so that they can take the right decision.

The dental implant consists of several parts, which will replace the entire missing tooth in the mouth. The main part of the dental implant is the lower part, which is made from titanium which will replace the root of the missing tooth. After the artificial titanium root is stablilized , the artificial crown which looks like the real tooth is fixed on top of the implant. The implants make it easier for the person to chew the food properly, are usually comfortable, and do not have to be cleaned repeatedly. They are widely considered the best possible replacement for natural teeth by dental experts.

There are usually three stages in placing a dental implant. The dental surgeon will first place the implant surgically in the jaw. After this the gum is used to cover the implant, covering it for up to six months, and at least three months. During this period osseointegration, the process of fusing the implant with the bone takes place. In a few cases, there is some swelling for some time after surgery. After the gum covering the implant is removed to place a connector on the implant. In the last step of placing the implant, the artificial cap or crown similar to the original tooth is placed on the connector.

The duration for which the implant will last depends on bone structure in the mouth. Hence the implant specialist will first check if there is enough bone in the mouth to support the implant. For this the dentist in Lang Lang may use a special CT X-ray of the mouth. In some patients, the implant will last for decades and has a higher success rate compared to other dental procedures. Additionally the patient should also be in good health, though Lang Lang has placed dental implants for clients of all ages. Since there is some surgery involved, there may complications, which the dentist will discuss with the patient, so that he can take a decision accordingly.

Lang-Lang dental care can offer dental implants at the local clinic for the convenience of the customers. Their oral surgeon Dr Naser is well trained in the latest techniques for dental implants at the best dental colleges worldwide. He realizes that most people are worried about dental procedures, so he is gentle and friendly to ensure that patients do not experience pain or inconvenience.